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New Engineering Education

Refer to the "Washington Accord", an international accreditation agreement for undergraduate professional engineering academic degrees, SDIM design the course contents and teaching objectives, formulate the learning outcomes of the students and assessment methods to ensure that the knowledge of the courses taught in the new engineering model is complete and systematic. Instead of teaching in traditional large classroom, SDIM courses are conducted in a student-centered active learning environment through project-based learning in order to enable student knowledge acquiring and overall quality improving simultaneously. Customized training program will be formulated based on students' own professional interest to render student a specific academic strength. Meanwhile, students are guided to accumulate and integrate multidisciplinary knowledge to form a broad knowledge base. SDIM aims to cultivate engineering leaders with outstanding academic strength, critical thinking, design thinking, system thinking, team spirit,  scientific ethics and cross-cultural communication skills.

Undergraduate Education

Graduate Education

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About Us

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is an innovation-oriented public university founded by Shenzhen government in the background of China’s higher education reform. It aspires to be a model and pioneer for promoting higher education reform. It is committed to serving the mission of promoting Shenzhen as a modern, international, and innovative city and China as a creative country.

SUSTech draws on the experience of world-class science and engineering universities for its disciplinary establishment and governance. It focuses on science, engineering, and medicine in conjunction with distinctive disciplines, including business, humanities, and social sciences. SUSTech offers undergraduate and postgraduate education while conducting research in a series of innovative disciplines. All of those practices shape SUSTech into a think tank for social progress and a generator of new knowledge and new technology.

Established on November 1, 2018, the School of System Design and Intelligent Manufacturing (SDIM) is one of the main platforms for SUSTech to explore and apply new engineering education concepts. SDIM is committed to the reform of engineering education and cultivating future innovative and entrepreneurial leaders and outstanding engineering talents to assist the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and serving the grand strategic goal of national innovation-driven development.

Mission Vision Values


Remaking Engineering Education

An Oasis for Unique Talents

Education First, Student Centric

Global Vision, Societal Responsibility

Innovative, Pragmatic, Team Spirit


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